Connect the Nodes.

Learning + Technology + AI
What is Nodes?

Nodes is a learning innovation studio that helps learning leaders create exceptional upskilling strategies, L&D process improvements  and EdTech products.


Strategies, programmes and products rooted in the fundamentals of how people learn.


Using technology with real empathy for the user to foster engagement that can only be achieved through relevance.


Impactful use of Artificial Intelligence to support learning operations, performance and upskilling.
What do you need support with?

AI Ops in L&D

L&D capability building through custom workshops and advisory. Implementing AI in your learning design processes and broader L&D strategy.


Repeatable, scalable programmes and academies to upskill and reskill your people, prepare them for sustainable and fulfilling careers, and make your organisation more agile.

EdTech product development

Supporting the next generation of EdTech startups building solutions across B2B and B2C, workplace, lifelong learning and alt-ed.
Trusted by startups and workplace L&D alike
From strategy to expert execution

Ways of working as flexible as your needs.

Working 1:1 with you to help shape your high-level digital learning strategy, programme design, or product roadmap. Infusing deep learning expertise and exploring paths forward, whether for internal programme deployment or for your Series A.
Working with you to deeply understand your users and tailor something powerful just for them. Conducting user research, testing assumptions, and bringing your ideas to life with quality insights and high conviction.
Working hand in hand with you to execute your learning or product strategy. Delivering the end-to-end solution or iteratively contributing to your team’s product development. Creating written, visual, and video content or enabling your own people to do it at scale.